Email from Apple: Shipment coming from Ctdi Kbb Jeffersonville

Why Apple sent you this mail?


Ctdi Kbb Jeffersonville Shipment What does it means actually?

This package might have your apple trade in return box via Ctdi Kbb at Jeffersonville.

When buying a new I phone, you might have an email from apple, says your courier is coming from Ctdi Kbb.

Sometime you have bought your phone and you have received your new device already.

And now you have shipment that shows your shipment is coming. It is showing on UPS after apple device is already received.

Ctdi Kbb is delivering your return box of your traded apple device.

You have exchanged or trade in your apple device, they will recycle your device.

Apple trade in program gives you best value for your old apple device.

Visit any official apple store or you can do it online. if you opt online option, you will get the shipment through Jeffersonville Ctdi Kbb , by the courier.

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