Disabled Whatsapp Call History iPhone from Call Logs

Do you want disabled call history WhatsApp on iPhone?

There are many iphone users who really wants to remove or disable WhatsApp call history from call log.

For those there are no official option to Disable WhatsApp call history in iPhone from Apple.

But, there’s a good tip here.

Users can delete WhatsApp call logs from recent call log individually.

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Deleting data very quickly

This article will guide about the WhatsApp call history features.

Let we discuss this in detail:

How to Delete WhatsApp call details from Iphone call Log?

Step 1 : Open call log

Step 2 : Select Recents

iPhone Call Log Image Screenshot

Step 3 : Tap on All Call logsiPhone's All & Missed call Options Screenshot Step 4 : Tap Edit option on right sideiPhone Edit Option on Call Log Step 5 : Now you can see minus (-) sign in red color, tap on it.Minus sign to delete call logs from iPhoneStep 6 : Delete option appeared from right.screenshot of Delete option swiped out from right Last Step to Delete: Tap on delete.Delete Text in Red screenshot<OR>


Swipe left to right in recents tab directly you can delete call log separately.

How to Delete whole call logs on iphone?

Step 1 : Open call log

Step 2 : Select Recents

Step 3 : Tap on All Call logs

Screenshot of Calls menu on iPhone

Step 4 : Tap Edit option on right side

iPhone Edit Option on Call Log

Step 5 : After tapping edit on top

Step 6 : You will see clear all recents at bottom.Clear All Recents option Screenshot

Step 7 : Select it and your recent call logs will be deleted.


Swipe left to right in recents tab directly you can delete WhatsApp call log.

– By following these steps anyone can make WhatsApp calls disappear from an iphone call log.

How to Delete WhatsApp call details from iphone call Log?

Step 1 : After opening WhatsApp

Step 2 : Go to calls tab at bottom

WhatsApp Menu Screenshot iPhone

Step 3 : Chose option edit at top of the screen

iPhone Edit Option on Call Log

Step 4 : Now you can see the delete options in red.

There is swiping option to delete the individual from right to left swipe particular calls-log to delete it.

WhatsApp Hack:

If you delete call log from WhatsApp call log, then you also need to delete it from your iPhone call log for deleting it completely.

This option is vice versa.

If you need to remove or delete any call log you must delete it from both places, from iPhone call logs and WhatsApp call logs too.

More WhatsApp help for iPhone users

Q : Can iPhone user turn off WhatsApp call history?

A : No there is no official option to turn it off.

Q : What to do when WhatsApp call disabled in my iphone?

A : Permission issue may be occurred on your iPhone. Allow all access to WhatsApp app.

Q: Why my WhatsApp call button greyed out on iPhone?

A : Please allow access for microphone to WhatsApp app.

Q: Can I turn off my call history on WhatsApp app?

A : No there are no official option for doing that. You can delete all call logs or delete individual call log.

Q: How do I stop WhatsApp calls showing on call log in iPhone 14?

A : Apple does not give option to remove or stop WhatsApp calls showing on iPhone call logs. So there is no option unless you manually delete the call logs.

Q: How to Hide Recent WhatsApp Call on iPhone?

A : When you have an iPhone you have no option to hide it.

Q: How many Ways to Delete Whatsapp Calls From iPhone Logs?

A : There are two options provided with iPhone. Clear all at once or delete one by one manually.

Q: Why WhatsApp Calls are Showing on Your Phone Log?

A : Many people are using WhatsApp voice call & video call options, so make it simple iPhone showing WhatsApp call logs in iPhone recent call logs list.

Q: How to Clear WhatsApp Call History On iPhone?

A : By edit option at top and clear all.

Q: Is there option to disable integrated call log in iPhone?

A : There is no native option available from apple to disable it.


There are no official option to disable WhatsApp call history on iOS, iPhone available right now. the only option is you have to do it manually swipe and delete unwanted call logs.

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