Netflix CEO more interested in Apple TV than tablets

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, was being interviewed by Kara Swisher at the All Things D 9 conference and mentioned how internet connected TVs and the Apple TV are more important than tablets.

Kara: What’s up with tablets? It’s a big deal, right?

Hastings: Meh. Apple TV is more important for us. Tablets not a revolution. The big deal for us is Internet-connected TVs.

Also when being asked about competitors Apple and Amazon he stated the following:

Kara: Ultimately, you’re going to sell to Apple, right?

Hastings: Nope. We’re at 23, 24 million subs (keeps growing!) and across the globe 5 billion people have mobile phones. Big opportunity.

Kara: So you don’t feel pressure from Amazon, Apple, etc?

Hastings: Nope, competition is healthy. Bing has been good for Google.

It’s a great interview and we suggest to head over to the source read the full interview.

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