You can get a degree for under 5 grand without athletics or academic scholarships.

Here’s how: Go to a 4 year school and pick a few degree requirements that you’re interested in. Then get a transfer list between that school and your local community college. For 2-2.5 years take all the first year classes at the community college. Than look at your favourite 4 year degree school class requirements sequence and do those classes at year 1-2.5 (look at the will transfer class list)

After this transfer the classes to the 4 year school and finish the classes that you can’t take at the community college.

While this is going on start working part time at McDonalds they now have a generous part time tuition reimbursement. Other replacements are Home Depot, Chipotle, UPS, Starbucks and T mobile. (You only have to work part time)[Some of these companies require 90 days or a year of employment before the tuition reimbursement but it’s ok because most of the cost will be in the last 2 years]

Also getting a marketable degree helps in your pay rate hope this helps!

Edit: Wow I didn’t expect this to blow up it’s actually a reply to an r/jobs post complaining about the lack of pay after spending $50,000 or more on a degree.

I also didn’t mention getting grants will cut into tuition. Getting scholarships during the transfer will help alot. This post was mostly for people that didn’t take school seriously in high school and they don’t have the military, family or the government to pay their school. Living with a family member or a bunch of friends to cut down your living expenses this is pretty important and commuting to college also helps.

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