Would it be better financially in the long run to buy a house in a cheaper area sooner or wait longer to buy in a more expensive area?

Hello all,

First, let me say that I am YEARS away from buying a house either way. I am hopelessly single which means doing this on only one income, but I digress. I am just trying to get some sort of a plan together.

Houses in the city I live in average about 400K each. Houses in the neighboring city are about 300K each. Houses in a city about 30 minutes away are 200K each. I’d be able to afford a house in the further away city sooner. Also, further away city has a culture/environment that matches my personality a lot more than where I currently live. But that does mean my commute going from “I can walk to work” to “I need to drive 30 minutes each way to work.” But again, I digress.

Just looking at it from a financial angle.

Thank you.

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