Work deposited $4k more than it should have into my bank account on pay day.

Hi guys. I know that this money isn’t mine most likely. I understand they likely made a mistake. I also get that they will likely take it back.

I can live without it and while nice, this money doesn’t change my life. I will not touch it until everyone confirms if this is right. I already emailed payroll and will see what they have to say on Monday.

My concern is that I have my money auto deposit between 3 bank accounts. One deposits $2000/paycheck for my expenses. One deposits $1050/paycheck to a savings account. The third drops the left overs to a checking account that I pay my mortgage from. My boyfriend pays me his portion and that gets deposited there. I keep 2 months of mortgage payments in there but that’s it.

So the extra went to the mortgage account because that’s where “the rest” goes. But will they try to withdraw from the 3 accounts evenly? Will they pull back from the first account first? Withdrawing $4k from my other checking wouldn’t be good as I only keep 2 months of expenses there, too. The majority of my cash is in my savings.

I don’t care if they withdraw the extra $4k from the account the extra went to, but I don’t want to deal with overdraft if they go for the other checking account.

Anyone know how this works?

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