Wife defaulted on student loans 8yrs ago. Credit finally rebuilt. She went back to school applied for financial aid got a $6000 student loan. The school lost accreditation and repaid the loan on her behalf and open up old loans. Now on the hook for $80000

As the title states… My wife defaulted on $80000 in student loans I believe 8+yrs ago. Her credit has finally been built back up almost to 800… But she went back to school about a year ago (nursing school – Quincy College) she filed for financial aid and part of it was a $6000 student loan. While she was currently in school, Quincy college lost their accreditation in the nursing program due to too many students not passing the boards. So she was refunded all the money we paid out of pocket for classes and books etc. But here is the issue…. They directly refunded the student loan $6000 to the loaner which in turn was seen as a payment towards the student loan and has now reopened the defaulted loans of $80000…. And her credit score is talking.

I understand the law states about 7-7.5 years defaulted student loans come off your credit and a payment of any kind would reinstate that debt. But it was the school that refunded the loan, not her.

What can we do if anything? Any help is appreciated.

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