Wife broke her back in the Dominican and we’re at a loss for what to do

As the title says. This is a total nightmare scenario and like most people who would be in this situation too, were completely ignorant as too how we should proceed.

The story: My wife and I traveled to the Dominican Republic for a vacation at an all inclusive resort. Yesterday afternoon while she was walking by a pool she stepped on a foam raft that someone had left laying out and slipped. This only arose because she cut her foot on a broken tile in the pool and was getting out as it was bleeding everywhere. Her legs went out from underneath of her and she fell straight down onto her pelvis onto the hard tile floor. It took 30 minutes for resort staff to show up with a wheelchair, which was absolutely necessary as my wife was unable to walk without it causing excruciating pain. They took us to the small resort clinic to examine her but they were only outfitted to treat small scrapes and sprains. After the nurse there determined that this was out of her league she called an ambulance to take us to the hospital. Once at the hospital her pain was largely ignored and she was forced to sit/stand/walk 20 or 30 times with the back injury. After X-rays were inconclusive and difficult to read the doctor did a CT scan to reveal that she had 1 shattered vertabrae and a slipped disc. At this point he obviously recommend that she not move from a laid down position. It’s honestly a miracle they didn’t paralyze her or cause obvious and immediate damage during everything. The hotel agreed to pay for the transport to the hospital and the initial examinations (including the CT) but has pretty much washed their hands of us once she had to be admitted. Oh also, in order for them to pay for the CT they made me sign a release saying that their responsibilities had been fulfilled and we could no longer seek more help from them.

We don’t have travel insurance. We don’t have out of country medical coverage from our regular US healthcare providers. I checked with our credit cards and they only offer reimbursement for “catastrophic” charges incurred. Apparently this doesn’t qualify. I’m waiting to hear back from our homeowners insurance to see what coverage’s they offer outside of the United States.

So at this moment we’re in a foreign country with a huge language barrier, footing a potentially massive hospital bill unless we can get back to the United States and into our own healthcare network. Apparently a medical flight where she’s able to be prone can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 which of course, we don’t happen to have just sitting around. I feel totally helpless as a husband right now watching my wife in pain and knowing that our financial future could be destroyed.

Sorry for the long post but we’ve been awake for 24 hours with no near end in sight.

TL;DR: My wife broke her back in the DR and we have no medical insurance in this country. We’re just looking for a way home that won’t send us into bankruptcy.

Edit: Just wanted to earnestly thank everybody for their replies. We’re far from home but feeling good vibes from you guys.

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