When buying a car, don’t get hung up on silly crap and talk yourself into a worse deal

So I had a customer who really wanted 0% financing on his vehicle. The thing is we didn’t have 0% financing offers on the vehicle he wanted. He however did have good credit and and got 2.99% APR. But he said he’d only buy from us if we could offer him 0%

He had a discount on his vehicle of about $3,000 so I emailed a loan officer I work with alot (who had offered him the 2.99%) and I asked her if we wrote their bank a check for $3,000 would they let us buy the rate down to 0%.

Long story short the bank said yes, because well $3,000 was more interest (not by a lot, but it was still more) then they would have made at 2.99% and they got all their profit up front.

So we took the $3,000 discount away from the customer, he financed his car at 0% and ended up with a slightly higher payment and walked away feeling like he just won the lottery.

My customer made the critical mistake of getting so hung up, on one little detail he negotiated himself into a worse deal. Now at the end of the day, my customer is only going end up paying about $200 more then he would have…but still.

Also I did point out to the customer he was in fact paying MORE for the car at 0% then at 2.99% but he said it didn’t matter cause of all the interest he’d save…he didn’t get it, I sold a car, life goes on.


Dude wasnt a muslim lol

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