What is happiness worth?

I have 6 years as an analyst.

To be honest, I’m not a great analyst, but I do well because people like me. My current job has gone down the toilet and so I’ve looked elsewhere and I have two job prospects. I currently make 80k.

Option 1: Sales. It’s a completely new industry. I have three friends who work for this company, do very well for themselves and love it. They make 6 figures and don’t work more than 35 hours/week. Base is 45k and I know I can’t expect comparable sales to my friends my first year. I can work from home and will also be required to travel 4 days a week about an hour away.

Option 2: analyst position 15 minutes from my house. The pay hasn’t been negotiated yet but it’ll be somewhere between 80k and 100k. I know I can fake being happy but ultimately I’m tired of being behind a computer.

I have a wife and two kids and a mortgage. The sales job base pays all my bills with nothing left over. The analyst role will give my family a more cushy lifestyle.

I’m trying to find that figure of how much would option 2 need to pay me to negate my potential unhappiness? I’m a provider and can’t solely make these decisions on perceived happiness. I’ll make the most of any circumstance.


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