Weird Fourth

How much did Trump’s 4th of July extravaganza cost U.S. taxpayers? The Pentagon
low-balled it at $1.2 million. They probably excluded the cost of bringing in the tanks, planes, teleprompter, and
Trump’s hairdresser. Still, he strutted
like a preening peacock on the prowl. Trump
had the show of military force that he so admires when displayed by his heroes, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

This is the same administration that claims it does not have the resources
to provide soap, toothbrushes, or blankets to migrant children who have committed no crime. Yet, Trump is
willing to bend over backward to appease
brutal, repressive dictators who murder their
own people to stifle free speech and freedom of the press. It seems that no expense is too great to curry their
favor. He genuflects at Putin’s feet and
bows to North Korean generals. He even brags to have “fallen in love” with Kim Jong Un.

Regarding Trump’s 4th of July speech: There were no airports to defend during
the Revolutionary War and the “Star-Spangled Banner” was written
during the War of 1812. If Trump was truly as
patriotic as some on the unhinged right
suggest, he would not invent alternative facts about our nation’s history or cause innocent children,
detained in cages, to be part of that

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