Wear to Work Styles for Spring

I always dress up on work days, no matter where I am. Something you may have noticed if you keep an eye on my Daily Looks though is that our Charleston office has a more casual vibe than our New York office, so my style tends to evolve a little bit from place to place. When we’re in NYC, I pass hundreds of professional women in all different work attire on my way to the office, and it never fails to inspire me—both from motivational and sartorial perspectives. As a result, getting dressed to go to work when we’re in NYC is always one of my favorite parts of our time there.

Many of the women on our team, both in Charleston and New York, wear Gal Meets Glam Collection pieces regularly. Every single time, seeing them in GMG gives me a boost of energy—they remind me how many women around the world may be wearing our styles to work that day too, and feeling extra confident as a result. We try to include plenty of items that can be worn in a professional setting in each Collection, so working women always have plenty of appropriate options to choose from. Some of my personal favorites are our matching sets, like the Clarissa dress and jacket and the Evangeline dress and jacket, which create such timeless and polished looks when worn together. I also sincerely hope our brand new sweaters are a huge asset to workwear wardrobes everywhere, since offices always seem to be freezing! Ever since my very first office job, I’ve been carrying lightweight cardigans I can layer over any outfit to work, and I am already loving the chance to do just that with our Gal Meets Glam Collection sweaters. We have lots of sweater styles launching over the coming months, so continue to keep an eye out for more!

When in doubt, my workday outfit recipe is a GMG dress, timeless flats or low pumps, and a jacket with feminine details, like this scalloped blazer or this chic tweed jacket. The other item you’ll almost never find me without is a Senreve bag, which has been my go-to work bag for two straight years now. I love the way it doubles as a backpack for easy commuting, but transforms into a top-handle bag for professional settings. Even after being used through countless long office days and as a carry-on bag for almost every one of my flights, my Senreve bags still look impeccable. They come in an array of pastel colors that are perfect for spring, and would make the loveliest gift in honor of a promotion, a new job, or a graduation.

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