W Hotels’ $285 mukbang room service comes with a microphone and phone stand

Mukbang, the South Korean phenomenon in which vloggers stream themselves eating large quantities of food, has now made its way to the W Hotel in Washington, DC. The DC location of the hotel chain is introducing its Sip & Slurp menu, an extravagant $285 room service package that comes with a lavalier lapel mic and a cell phone stand so guests can film their very own mukbangs.

The Sip & Slurp menu is available until the end of 2019, and it’s limited to the W Washington DC for now, though more locations may join later. The whole menu is a publicity campaign to celebrate the hotel’s new $50 million renovation, but it’s honestly kind of a clever way to attract guests through internet trends. Hotels are often at odds with influencers looking…

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