[Update] Checked credit report and noticed a collections that I have no knowledge of.

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So I was a bit worried about this issue and I received some good advice about what to do, however, it ended up being a pretty easy fix. I filed a dispute with TransUnion and Experian, Equifax didn’t report the account, so I had nothing to file, I’ll check back when my report is updated with them next month. While I was filing with Experian, I decided to give them a call, they told me to call the original creditor to find out if it was a discrepancy with the filing or if it were fraud. Rural/Metro of San Diego couldn’t find any history of the account and directed me to call the collections agency, something I was a bit apprehensive about doing, but I went through with that, and I am glad I did. I called and told them my predicament and how I had no knowledge of the account that they have in my name in collections, the lady at the agency told me everything about the original account, an ambulance picked up someone with my same name at a street in San Diego and dropped them off at a nearby hospital on 10/30/2018. I informed her that I have a time stamp from work on 10/30/2018 and that it couldn’t have been me. She then asked me my birthday, and that’s where we found the discrepancy. Same name, but different birthdays and somehow the account was put in my name. The agent placed the account in dispute, I sent them a copy of my ID to provide my date of birth, two days later, Experian resolves the dispute, and TransUnion was resolved this morning. The account was deleted from both reports.

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