Update: Home Depot Dryer Debacle

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece describing my travails with a defective dryer I bought from Home Depot. Here is a quick update.

On Monday, a “technician” showed up at our house and spent three hours on our poor dryer. Again, all four dogs were fascinated by him. When he was done, he gave me the startling news that our dryer didn’t work. The control board and ignition system were both defective. I asked if I could get a new dryer, and he simply laughed. “Good luck on that,” he said, but he did promise to try and order the new parts for our dryer, and when he had time, come back to see if he could repair it. He promised this could possibly happen before the end of the month. My dogs and I were sad to see him go.

On Tuesday, I finally reached someone from Home Depot’s corporate offices in Atlanta. I told them my story and foolishly mentioned that perhaps they could give us a new dryer? Santal told me that she didn’t have the authorization to do so. However, she promised that she’d find out what I’d have to do to get a replacement. She asked me to be patient and promised she’d be back to me by the end of the month. I thanked her, picked up some clothespins, and went out to the back yard.

Coming back into the house, I got a call from corporate. Seems my story worked its way up the food chain and they’ve now agreed to send a NEW DRYER to us this week. This shows the sweeping power of the Santa Barbara Independent. Everyone loves a happy ending

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