This heavy-duty phone is like a BlackBerry Passport that runs Android

Are you the fast-talking, fast-emailing CEO of a construction firm who occasionally needs to visit building sites? Are you a hotshot Wall Street trader who is terrified of getting lost in the woods? Are you presently on an oil rig, and you want to write a novel on a pocket-sized device? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then wow, does Unihertz have the phone for you.

If the answer to all of them is “no,” then, well, maybe not. But that doesn’t stop this prerelease Unihertz Titan from being one of the most delightfully weird phones I’ve used all year.

Unihertz is a small Chinese company whose previous phones, the Jelly and the Atom, were tiny Android devices with 2.45-inch screens that are designed for situations where you…

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