Top 10 Travel Destinations in USA – Best For Nature, Adventure and City Life Lovers

Top 10 Awesome Places to visit in the USA

The United States of America is a country that is not going to fall short in visiting places. If you are a tour lover then this place is something that keeps on surprising with new and authentic elements.

Travelers just wonder where to start and this is the actual excitement after one enters the USA. The USA is a great economy and this fact is proven and it is also known for its forces and beautiful destinations.

It is a country where every state has something to offer. Let it be scenic beauty of unique taste the travelers will fall in love with every aspect of this great place. There are over fifty states in this country but it is not possible to explore them all. Therefore, a quick guide can be helpful in visiting the most awesome places in the United States of America.

Below mentioned are some places that can easily allure couples and there are places that are perfect for adventure lovers as well. So, check them out and select the place that suits you the best.

1. Camp Wandawega (Wandawega Lake Resort):

Photo by: hrnicanela

Why Camp Wandawega?

This place is listed in National Register of Historic Places & Wisconsin Register of Historic Places.

There are a lodge 3 story hotel, cottages, and historic memorabilia Located at this place.

Activities you can do:

Tomahawk throwing, canoeing, hike trail, swimming, archery, outdoor shower, tennis, basketball, tepee, cabins, the “ham can,” rope swing into the water, table tennis, bicycles, fishing, and the tree house!

An ideal place for long weekend getaway in the USA.

When America is selected for travelling then one must know that this country is rich in the past. This historical society is suitable for both adventure lovers and also for couples. Camp Wandawega which was earlier known by the name of Wandawega Lake is situated in Wisconsin. If you love history and want to relax then this is the place.

There are a resort and a hotel in this place which was built in 1920. So, you will get a chance to interact with historical instances. Apart from this, one can also enjoy the scenes near the lake and enjoy quality time. Camps are also organized in this place which is perfect for adventure lovers.

2. Catskills (Catskill Mountains):

Catskill Mountains
Pic by: GreatNorthernCatskills

Why Catskills?

No one can sure for the best time to visit this place. Everyday is beautiful in this forestry wonderland!!

If you want to visit Catskills in summer; you missed the winter, if you catch it in the winter that you might miss the spring.

It offers you wonderful sightseeing.  This inspiring sight is opened for everyone a breathtaking view of fall colours.

Activities you can do:

Fishing, camping, photography, Skiing, Kayaking, Rafting, Hiking (Beware of rattlesnakes when hiking)

The Catskills in Greene County is something that can’t be missed and this place is packed with adventurous activities. Let it be a musical festival or winter treats the Catskills trail will provide everything.

Attractions at this place are family-friendly so you don’t have to think much before visiting here. Apart from that, this place is really near to New York City. If you really want to sit in the lap of nature. Then visit this place that is above six hundred feet above and look the bare sky with your naked eyes.

The people who think that this place has only the adventure factor then they are literally wrong because they will be able to witness a glimpse of art as well.

3. Maroon Lake:

Maroon Lake - Travel Destination in USA

There are two peaks that complete the Maroon Bells and this place is one of the highest-rated when it comes to photography. Colorado is the state where you have to move for experiencing the bold beauty of these mountains. Hiking is the best option in this place but there are some timing that is to be checked.

Timings are different both in summer and during winter. After a short trail one can enter the snow mass and watch the Maroon Lake.

It appears white due to snow mass and it is suggested to visit here during weekdays. On weekdays people can take the bus service otherwise bicycles and skateboards can also be hired without any fees.

4. Shoshone Falls:

Travel Destination in USA

From the Snake River falls this natural beauty and the Shoshone Falls are also termed as “Niagara Falls of West”. If you are on the trip to the USA then this is the must-visit the place because it falls from the height of two hundred and twelve feet. This height is greater than the actual Niagara Fall. The best view of this fall can be enjoyed in early summer and in spring.

The melting snow decides the water flow but still, it is the best. However, there are times when the irrigation takes place and due to this the water flow can decrease or can diminish due to dry years.

5. New York:

Travel Destination in USA

In New York, there are lots and lots of things that can be done. This is a place where you do not require a schedule. The day can be started with a pastry bite at Balthazar. Then the couples and travelers can move towards Central Park for a great start.

If downtown is your style then it is ideal to take a bicycle of the bike on rent and head towards Hudson River for a relaxing wave. The day will easily pass in these activities and witness the most soothing sunset on the roof of the Empire State building. This is not adventurous but it is ideal for couples and every tour lover.

6. Hocking Hills:

Travel Destination in USA

This place is a mixture of romance and adventure because it is stuffed with lust green beauty, waterfalls and rugged caves. If you want to explore this place then reach Ohio. It is literally counted among the top beautiful locations in the USA.

It is a place that witnesses the busiest seasons but even after lots of rush, the visitors won’t face any issues. Autumn is generally the best time to visit this place because this place offers vibrant colors in this season. Experience a heart-pumping romance after visiting the Old Man Fall and Ash cave and live every moment.

7. San Francisco:

Travel Destination in USA

This place on the West coast offers a huge variety to visitors. Let it be food, views or landmarks everything is available in this place and it can be said that San Francisco is power-packed place. Biking and walking on the Golden Gate Bridge will connect you with a different world and this can be experienced only during sunsets.

This is not the end because the actual; landscaping starts from Botanical Garden and cable car experience to view the entire city is another life experience. North Beach and Marina district are famous for delicious cuisines. Sundays can be enjoyed with music at the Stern Grove Music Festival.

8. Asheville:

Travel Destination in USA

Now, it’s time for a different place that is underrated. Yes, Asheville is not among top destinations but it deserves to be on the list of adventurous destinations in the USA. Nature’s bliss exists in this place which delivers fresh air and awesome outdoors. You just can’t imagine the greenery at this place so get out of your comfort zone and start an adventure trail in Ashville.

This green blanket of nature will relax your nerves and it will certainly be an unforgettable experience for those who visit this place. If you like easy trails then craggy gardens are waiting for you and their beauty can make anyone fall in love.

9. Los Angeles: 

Travel Destination in USA

After visiting the Southern part of California you will notice that this place has the culture which is different from the other states. Los Angeles is the city of glamour because it has Hollywood, Beverly Hills. All the vacations and traveling possibilities are available in this place. Apart from this, one can also experience Bel-Air which a pop culture and it is really dominating in nature.

It is a heaven for movie lovers and the families can enjoy Disneyland which is again a popular spot among all. The experience of shopping is the best at this place. You can get trendy outfits and unique fashion styles from Los Angeles city.

10. Oregon Coast:

Travel Destination in USA

Fishing is a cool hobby and the people who do not relate to this hobby want to try this once. However, it is very difficult to find a perfect place for fishing. However, there are ample destinations in the USA where you can easily complete this task. Oregon Coast is the place that is popular for its beaches and ultimate food tour.

There are ten beaches on the coast and every beach has its own story. Therefore, the trip to Oregon is incomplete without visiting them all. Apart from that, there are less crowded places where one can enjoy fishing with family and friends. There are light shows which attract a large number of visitors on the coast.


USA is the place where one can easily search for visiting places and these places have good connectivity. There are ample means of reaching and the visitors who like personal traveling then they can rent a vehicle anytime. Apart from that, there are awesome food stops that will compel you to stop once. So, make the most of the USA trip.

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