Tom Cruise stars in impassioned PSA against motion smoothing

Tom Cruise (L) and Christopher McQuarrie

Tom Cruise has a new public service announcement that he wants people to become super aware of: he’s taking a stand against motion smoothing on TVs.

Cruise and Mission: Impossible — Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie — reunited on the set of Top Gun: Maverick — appeared in a 90-second video meant to bring attention to motion smoothing, known more technically as interpolation or more casually as the “soap opera effect.” Cruise acknowledges in the video that “the unfortunate side effect” of motion smoothing technology is that it makes it seem like movies were “shot on high-speed video rather than film.” Fallout was released on Blu-ray today, which is the reason for the announcement’s timing.

Cruise starts the video with a smile, but…

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