Thoughts on getting a roommate?

I own a 4 BR, 3.5 bath house and live in it alone after a breakup with my long time SO.

A friend asked if I would rent her a room at $950 per month. This would allow me to save some additional money and would hopefully expand my social circle. I’ve been traveling extensively for work for more than 4 years and my social life has nose dived because of all the travel.

My breakdown is-

-33 yo single, no kids -$152,000 base salary -$39,000 bonus plan (will likely pay out in the $30k range this year because of company performance factors I can’t control) -Deferred comp retention plan worth maybe $50k in a lump sum payable two years from now

-$450k net worth spread across $180k in retirement, $88k in cash and the remainder in home equity and car equity (not sure if I should count that)

I make $3700 2x a month from my base salary after maxing out my 401k and paying for health insurance. I also max out an IRA. My bonus is paid out at roughly $5k per quarter, with an additional $10k at the end of the year.

My expenses are-

-$2400 mortgage

-$930 car payment (I owe about $20k on a car I could have paid cash for, but financed at 1.2% interest so that I could earn 3.25% on the cash in a CD)

-$250 for power, water, trash, internet

I save roughly $3000 per month in cash after investing $2100 in retirement and accounting for all other expenses. It’s worth noting that every month my mortgage payment has roughly $1k go towards principle and my car payment has about $900 go towards principle, so my net worth grows about $7k per month not including the growth of my investments and home price appreciation.

Having a roommate at $950 per month would allow me to save grow my net worth by about $8k per month.

My short term goal is to save up to $107k cash, then pay for a $7k bathroom renovation and then start investing additional money into a taxable brokerage account (probably in the range of $2k-$3k per month) while continuing to stockpile cash.

Long-term goal is to FIRE.

I think having a roommate could be good, but I’m a little worried about the social side of having s roommate since I haven’t lived with a roommate I wasn’t dating in 9 years.

What else should I be considering?

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