Tfue’s fight against Faze Clan is new for e-sports, not YouTube

Turner “Tfue” Tenney in his video addressing the lawsuit.

One of the world’s top Fortnite streamers filed a lawsuit this week claiming that the popular e-sports organization Faze Clan has been financially exploiting him. The lawsuit paints Faze Clan as abusive, pressuring the streamer to do dangerous stunts and drink underage, but the story is ultimately one about getting out of a contract, so that the increasingly successful streamer can stake out on his own. It’s a new situation for e-sports, but not for online video creators in general — YouTubers faced similar issues some years ago when they relied on organized networks to grow, but have since abandoned them for more lucrative individual opportunities.

Turner Tenney, better known by the handle “Tfue,” filed the lawsuit on Monday, alleging…

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