Taking a 40% pay reduction for a less stressful more passionate job

Hi Personal Finance,

I’m 28 years old I’ve been working a high stress fast paced job in Sales for the Tech Industry for the past 5. I’ve worked my way up and currently make an income of about $120k/year and am on path to keep moving up to making $150k-200k in the next year or so.

However this year I’ve been noticing the stress and anxiety of the job has been creeping up on me. There are days I come in and absolutely dread doing the work, especially because the company I work for is incredibly demanding on a month to month basis. It’s a highly competitive environment, and I feel it’s really catching up to me. I take my work home with me all the time and it’s almost a constant state of stress and worry about deals coming in or not.

This has got me to do some self reflection and understand what things in life I do care about, and seeing if there are ways I can combine that with work. I’ve come to the conclusion that I love the outdoors. I’m passionate about camping, backpacking, bouldering, snowboarding, just overall exploration. And I live in a place I have that in the back yard. Using this info I’ve stumbled across an outdoor product company that closely aligns to my interest and have a role that I feel is a better fit to my “why”.

However the downside is that the income is 40% less. I’d be going from 120k to 70k. I love a lot of things about the company and feel overall I’d reduce my stress and increase my happiness because I’d be selling products related to things that I care about, and there is room to move up over time. However I keep struggling with the thought of “Am I cutting myself short?” and “Will I be able to still save for the future”.

Has anyone taken a pay cut in the those levels for the same reasons? I’m curious to hear your experiences and how it’s affected you.

TL/DR Currently in high income high stress job looking at 40% pay cut for job related to interests. Wondering people’s experience in same situation

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