Steps to file this year after not filing last year

I submitted my 2018 returns earlier on TurboTax, happy that I was due a larger refund than I expected. It pulled all my info from 2017 just fine. But an hour after submission, I got the notification that it was rejected due to incorrect previous year AGI. I immediately went to the IRS site to check what my AGI was supposed to be for last year only to find out that I’m an idiot and never finished submitting my return for 2017 as they don’t have it in file, only proof of non-filing. I went back into TurboTax and for 2017 it had my status as “Started” I remember putting in all my information and being ready to file last year, but I guess because I owed a small amount of money (maybe $120 due to how my 3 jobs throughout the year had different withholdings and varying pay), I must have intended to wait and pay the fees when I was intending to submit and then entirely forgot about it.

So what do I do now? I see that I’m likely going to have to pay a penalty on top of what I actually owe. I don’t have any money at all to pay it with unless it comes out of my 2018 refund, but I can’t see them being processed at the same time so conveniently. What steps do I take to have everything done in the correct order? I have all my complicated 2017 info (3x w-2, student loan forms, healthcare marketplace for half the year, private insurance for the other half, and a ton of other things that made it the most difficult 1040 filing I’ve ever had to do). TurboTax apparently has the non-submitted, but complete 2017 return on file still but I can’t access it unless I pay for Deluxe, and even then I’m wary to pay them unless it means I can just outright file what I’ve done with them).

My 2018 won’t be accepted without a proper AGI for 2017, which doesn’t exist. If I ended up filing my 2017 ASAP, how long until it would maybe accept my 2018 return with that freshly accepted 2017 AGI?

If TurboTax doesn’t work out for this, is there a better site anyone would recommend for doing a previous year’s return?

Edit: Someone suggested I try with an AGI of 0 and that worked well enough to get it accepted. If this progresses fine, I can just submit and pay my 2017 separately now.

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