The next console war is going to be way more fun than the last one

PS3 dualshock controller close-up

Sony dropped a few new details on the PlayStation 5 yesterday. The headline has the key details: Sony confirms PlayStation 5 name, holiday 2020 release date, but I’m curious to see what proper haptics feels like on a controller, instead of just rumbles. I feel like the “HD Rumble” Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch are headed in the right direction, but their haptics are too subtle.

Mostly, though, I love that the triggers on the new Sony controllers are getting real, physical feedback:

The other big change that Sony is talking about today is a technology it’s calling adaptive triggers, which will go in the primary R2/L2 triggers on the PS5s controller. According to Sony, developers will be able to program the resistance of the triggers.


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