Some tips for Turbotax that will save you a call to customer support

When you call turbotax product support, there’s a good chance that you’re going to get answered by me (i work for them.) There’s also a good chance I’m going to here the same things that I’ve heard a billion times, but it’s not entirely your fault. Here’s some things that you should probably know before you get started. A lot of this is probably obvious, but hopefully it will help someone.

  • You will almost always pay at least $40, even if you use the free version. The prices advertised on the products and pricing page don’t make it readily apparent that those are fed only prices, and that the state return is an additional $39.99. Unless you’re not doing a state return, add $40 to those prices on the product page that what youre really gonna be paying.

The Free Edition has a cutoff date for free state filing, which is March 15th. You will have to pay for your state if you’re using the Free Edition after that date. Also if you’re doing anything except the simplest W2, it’s going to prompt you to upgrade to Deluxe. So don’t expect to go all out with your credits and deductions on the Free Version.

The only surefire way to pay $0 is to use Turbotax Freedom, if you qualify for it. Yes, Turbotax Freedom is different from the Turbotax Free Version.

  • TurboTax Online charges you for tax prep, there are no fees for filing. Do not call for a refund if your return gets rejected, cause you’re going to get some bad news…

  • There is an additional $39 fee to have your TT fees taken out of your return. Someone people get this mixed up with the base TT Deluxe fee, but it’s not. It’s stacked on top. Do yourself a favor, just pay the TT fees straight up

  • Free users have their return locked up around October, so they’ll no longer be able to access their previous return if they used the free version until they pay for the current year’s version. If you use any higher version than the Free version, your taxes will be unlocked forever. Just to recap..

PLUS Upgrade, Deluxe, Premier, or Self Employed: You returns are available forever

Free Version, no plus upgrade: You have until October 15 to access your return. Thats around the time the new TT will be released, and then you’ll have to pay for one of the above to unlock them.

  • Please pay attention to your payment summary. I can’t tell you how many people look at the payment summary, see exactly what and how much they’re paying for, proceed to enter their credit card info, then immediately call us because they think they were charged too much. Stop. Clear and start over so you can downgrade to a cheaper TT, or call us so we can give you a service code to make it cheaper. Because after you pay, you’re registering a legal document being sent to the government and won’t be able to do either of those. It’s harder to get Online fees refunded after the fact. Look at what you’re paying for and make sure you’re good with the price.

  • We have no idea when your refund is going to hit, all we can tell you is if it’s accepted or rejected. If you ask, we’re going to tell you something that can be summed up as “idk call the IRS lol”

That’s all I got for now. I’m indifferent to whether you like TT or not but use this info to your advantage.

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