Should I sell my car knowing I won’t really need one for about 2 years?

Hello, I am just looking for some advice about my car. My car loan is up August 2019, I am paying $620 a month in car loan plus $120 a month for insurance, yes $620, young dumb mistake. I recently started a job where I work from home so I use my car once a week now on average. I don’t have a lot of debt just my car loan and about $1500 on my credit card. I am thinking right now “yes I will have lots of money I can save now” but long term I am worried about car insurance for not having a registered car for almost 2 years. My car is a Chrysler 200 so it’s resale value isnt great now, let alone in a couple years.

I live in downtown Edmonton with access to a lot of public transport or ride sharing so that really is not an issue for me, plus I am already saving to go to Europe next summer. So I am thinking I’ll get a new car when I come back from Europe.

Thanks in advance!

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