shitty ex-boss is requesting SSN for taxes I don’t trust him and I don’t wanna get nailed in any way what do I do?

Throwaway for obvious reasons.

So back in July I worked ajob where my boss was actually very shitty towards me in the workplace, gave my paychecks a month late, shit like that. Long story short I realized I was in a toxic work environment and quit without notice. The president of the company pays me, and then texts me to drop his number and email, so clearly me means “Don’t talk to me again.” When I started working I gave the president of the company my I-9 form, of which he wanted sent by email, which I was suspicious of, I don’t like the idea of sending highly sensitive documents over email, so I encrypted the document and sent him the key by text.

So fast forward to today, I get a text from him asking my SSN (I reiterate over text or email) and my address so he can file my taxes (1099). This is the same guy who months ago demanded I drop his number and email and is now asking for my most valuable info.

Long story short, I’m not giving him my SSN and Address since I simply don’t trust him, I believe he is both malicious and careless and don’t want him with such information. Though I don’t want to be in any bad standing with the IRS, especially since I made less than $3K through the course of the financial year. I have reserve cash in a savings just in case the IRS asks for their cut (I was payed as a contractor without explicitly being told I am a contractor……). Do I just do nothing? I was told that since he doesn’t have my SSN or Address he can’t report it to the IRS (He does have my first and last name though). I’m not sure how to handle this situation, help pls? Thanks /r/personalfinance

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