Samsung’s S Pen for the Note 10 works like a wand now

Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

Samsung’s latest iteration of the S Pen stylus has a new trick: it can be used to perform air gestures, effectively turning it into a Bluetooth wand. The S Pen, bundled with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10, is a Low-Energy Bluetooth stylus that now communicates gesture commands with its paired smartphone wirelessly.

The stylus now has a six-axis motion sensor, including an accelerometer and gyroscope, that lets it determine how its being held and in what direction in space it’s being moved. That allows Samsung to create some interesting features, like switching between remote camera modes with swipes of the S Pen through the air while setting up a self-portrait with the Note 10. You can also control in-app features for Spotify, YouTube,…

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