Salary audit—entitled to raise but won’t get it because my department didn’t budget for it (which had to happen before the audit??)

I recently requested a salary audit at my work as part of my annual review. I also worked with my manager to update my position description so it reflected the growing responsibilities I’ve added to my role, especially that I now manage several people.

I heard back from HR that I’m entitled to a raise from the audit. Not as much as I’d hoped, but better than nothing (under $4K).

However, HR said my department head would have to approve the budget increase (reviews don’t line up with the new year budget season, so budgets have already been set until mid-2020). My department head is notoriously bad at budgeting—rejecting costs all year with vague comments about “not enough budget,” then telling us to spend thousands in the last week of the year to use up “excess budget.” I’ve been in other instances where projects or ideas crop up that require budget changes, and they’re approved without much hassle if the cost is under $10K or so.

As expected, the head said they hadn’t budgeted for this higher salary and rejected the raise—so I can’t get the raise HR recommends. This makes no sense to me—an HR process exists to keep our salaries competitive, but isn’t enforceable?

I don’t want to make my manager’s life miserable by pushing back on this, but I don’t want to sign my review saying I agree with the lack of raise until I get what I’m entitled to.

Is there anything I can do?

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