Review | ‘It: Chapter Two’

Set 27 years after its  predecessor, IT Chapter Two follows the “Losers Club,” who are summoned back together by an astonishing call from childhood friend Mike — Pennywise the clown has returned to wreak havoc once again. In addition to its self-indulgent runtime and thinly drawn characterizations of the “Losers,” the sentimental connection audiences attained with the children in the first film is also absent. Perhaps the weak script is due to difficult nature of adapting Stephen King’s complex novel to the screen. Nevertheless, the film’s authentic portrayal of trauma and its subsequent recognition of the importance in maintaining long term close friendships is what gives the film life. Bill Skarsgård, as Pennywise, beautifully embodies the nightmarish clown and performances from actors James McAvoy and Bill Hader are outstanding. Although not the perfect bookend to Chapter One, IT Chapter Two does balance heartfelt emotion with creepy jump scares galore. 

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