Rethink Fireworks

Celebrating our independence is an event to honor our country
and its freedoms, but now the world has other issues that need attention, like
climate change.

Although the 4th of July has always been a special holiday event
celebrated by Americans, we must move on to now. With the environment so
polluted with toxic emissions in the air we must breathe to stay alive and
continue on this planet, I feel it’s time we make some adjustments to the way
we celebrate this holiday.

I am saying the toxic pollutants that are emitted by the massive
fireworks shows can and must be altered. I am for keeping the exciting light
shows of the fireworks, but as the candle gave way to the electric lightbulb,
we can now use laser light shows to celebrate and put the gun powder away. Laser
lights can create as good or better celebrations for us, and we can still
breathe the air we need.

I am asking laser-light companies to create a new and today version of our fireworks shows and be a part of saving the environment so we can be celebrating this holiday in the future.

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