Request a free credit report today 9/1 (and set reminders on 1/1 & 5/1 for the other two)

Today is a great day to request one of your three free credit reports.

By law, US residents are allowed a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus each year. (If you have recently been victim of fraud, denied credit, lost your job, or receive government assistance, you have additional rights – see here.)

Spreading your three free reports over the year is a great way to regularly keep an eye out for fraud and incorrect info. Starting with Jan 1st, one-third and two-thirds through the year are May 1st and September 1st. Guess what today is?

So, do two things today – 1: request one free credit report at, and 2: setup yearly reminders on your calendar for all three. (I do 1/1=Equifax , 5/1=TransUnion, 9/1=Experian, but pick whichever works for you.)

For those also interested in your credit score, there’s no need to pay when offered it alongside your free credit report: Discover and Chase both offer free scores to anyone, even if you’re not their customer. Many other credit card companies also offer it to their customers – check your statement or website. CreditKarma, NerdWallet, and others also offer free score access. (Be sure to read and understand the privacy policy of any site you pick.)

FYI: Requesting your own credit report will not affect your score.

UPDATE: A credit score (3-digit number) is not your “credit report.” A Credit Score is like your high school GPA (grade point average) – one number that gives a quick overview of your overall performance. A Credit Report is similar to a full high school transcript – a record of every class you took, the grades for each class, etc. A full credit report will let you see why your score is what it is.

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