The Punkt MP02 is Android minimalism at its finest

It’s not every day that a tech CEO throws his phone down on the ground before my feet, so when that happened with Punkt’s Petter Neby this week at MWC, it’s safe to say I was intrigued. Punkt, stylized as “Punkt.” in the company’s wordmark, is about putting a full stop to the distractions and diversions of modern life. Its phones are the postmodern anti-flagship devices that suggest that maybe their users don’t need the internet with them every waking moment of every day.

Nebby was talking me through the intent behind the Punkt MP02’s minimalist design when, without warning, he threw his personal phone to the ground, then picked it up, and texted his wife about Belgian potatoes. I’d heard of but never seen the original Punkt MP01, which…

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