Find you Devotion for Sai Baba in Shirdi

Devotion for Sai Baba

Shirdi is an extremely holy town and it is regularly visited by many devotees and tourists alike. This place is famous for its temples devoted to Sai Baba ad his presence can be seen everywhere in the town. The place is mostly famous for the numerous temples it houses.

Each of the temples is different in its own ways and has several devotees visiting it on a daily basis. The place is mostly visited by arch followers of Sai Baba, but other tourists will also enjoy the beauty of the temples a lot.

Pune to Shirdi bus

Pune is a large and beautiful city and is also quite a developed one. So traveling from Pune to any place is quite easy. Shirdi is extremely close to Pune and is just 186 kilometers away from it. Pune to Shirdi buses are quite famous for taking tourists and devotees on a daily basis.

Around 44 direct buses travel to and fro these cities. A high-speed bus can cover the whole distance in just 3 hours and 30 minutes and it is also the cheapest way to travel. The fastest way to travel is to take a cab and it takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Places to explore in Shirdi

Sai Baba Mandir (Samadhi Mandir)­

This is the most popular attractions of Shirdi as it holds Sai Baba’s last remains. The construction of the temple was started by an extremely rich man from Nagpur and he originally intended to place an idol of Lord Krishna in it. But the remains of Sai Baba were kept here instead when he departed his life on 1918. Devotees of Sai Baba come from all over the country to pay their respects and get blessings.

Dwarkamai Masjid

You can find the Dwarkamai Masjid just on the right of the Samadhi Mandir. Sai Baba spent a huge portion of his lifetime here. Every evening he used to light up lamps in this mosque. There is a huge stone present in the mosque where Sai Baba used to sit. Here a life size portrait of Sai Baba is also kept.


This is a small house that is present close to the masjid and it is of importance because Sai Baba used to spend every alternate night in this place. A wheel chair, wooden plank and the seat where he use to sit are kept here. The body of Sai Baba was also bathed in this place for the last time before his funeral.

Dixit Wada Museum

If you check the Pune to Shirdi bus schedule then you will be able to find a bus that will reach Shirdi in proper time so that you can enjoy some of the tourist spots like the museum on the same day itself. The museum holds black and white photographs of Sai Baba which are extremely rare. Many other possessions of Sai Baba are also kept here on display.

If you have time then you can also see the Palki procession. Sai Baba went to Chawri to spend the night every alternate day. This visit was prefaced by the Palki procession and it is carried out till this date.

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