Puma wants ‘tech-savvy’ people to test its self-lacing shoes

Puma has announced its latest take on self-lacing shoes just a few weeks after Nike unveiled one of its own self-lacing models. The sneakers, called “Fi” for “Fit Intelligence,” are training shoes that can adapt to a wearer’s foot with the swipe of a module on top of the shoe’s tongue. A micromotor pulls a pair of blue cables that run through the sneaker, and tightness can be adjusted through a smartphone app or an Apple Watch.

The shoes are the successor to Puma’s first wirelessly connected self-lacing sneakers from 2016, the AutoDisc. They can be charged via a Qi wireless charging pad, and they last around five days. Like Nike’s self-lacing shoes, the Fi don’t have any tracking capabilities to do things like log steps or measure…

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