Protecting your computer from online threats

Secure your Computer from Online Threats

Hackers, worms, viruses, spyware, and ransomware are only a few things that can harm your network, computer and sometimes wallet too. How scary it is to find out that your identity has been stolen by a simple click on a malicious link from an email. So have these security threats ever exploited or attacked you? In any case of yes or no, I’m here to suggest several ways in which you can enhance the protection of your computer and company from these cyber threats.

Multiple-level Protection

My first suggestion to you is to invest in below mentioned multi-layered protection to keep your computer system well-protected and secured from online threats. Every personal computer must have these few security elements:

Antivirus: A software that is reputed and expert in detecting and removing the most complex viruses and threats.

Anti-Malware/Anti-spyware: Another important security element to protect your computer from nasty software that steals private information from the system without your knowledge.

Firewall: Cut off online threats right at source by putting a firewall in place.

Security Suites: Invest in a security suite that offers a variety of protection features to protect your confidential information or classified documents that you wouldn’t want to be compromised.

Use the internet with caution

You must know even the safest websites can contain malware and spyware. Many websites are cloaked in such a way that they appear real. While entering URLs make sure you notice the name of the website whether it is spelled correctly. I would highly recommend you to avoid clicking on ads, popups, graphics, and links to other websites.

Rely Only On Encrypted and Secure Networks

Our computers connect to files, internet, and printers constantly, and hackers love to target insecure internet traffic. So, you’re playing with fire if you are doing the following:

Share your information with others and do not protect your private network with a password

You insist on using public Wi-Fi without browser security

Weakest there is to depend only on WEP router encryption

You cannot just use any VPN if your network is not protected or secured. Educate yourself on what to look for in a quality VPN. Specifically, you need to make sure that the VPN you are using should not log your data. Typically the free VPNs often do.

Training against cyberattacks

Companies are easy sources of prey to cyber-attacks. And the odds that such incidences could be removed are workable and high if one of the employees knew what to do in such a situation. Human errors cause almost 90% of the data breaches, therefore it reinforces the need for constant employee education on cybersecurity. A survey, State of IT Security 2019, shows that the top challenges faced by information technology (IT) security professionals are employee training and email security.

Online cyber security training helps you guard yourself and the company against cyber-attacks, crimes, and threats. Training enables and empowers you with up-to-date knowledge on how to identify and alleviate a cyber-threat.

You should keep in mind that cyber threats are ever-evolving. It’s time to educate and keep yourself updated about computer and online security concepts beyond this list. It will also expand your choices to find other methods and technology to protect your computer against these wicked attacks.

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