Product Packaging for Agriculture and Food Industry

Packaging is no more just a way to pack products to keep them safe. In the past few years it has come to develop as a mode of providing a better consumer experience with respect to the product. Specially, when it comes to agricultural and food industry, a lot of attention is generally put towards packaging of the products to ensure a lot of things such as quality maintenance, food safety and most importantly an enhanced consumer experience.

The exponential growth in the packaging for food sector is credited mainly to the increasing use of packaged food products, microwave meals; ready to eat diets and growing use of smaller sized agriculture packaging.

Today on-the-go consumables are present around the corner. Not only are the consumers and producers looking for more convenient packaging solutions but recently there is also a developing trend towards environmentally friendly and easily disposable packaging of products. Further digital technology has allowed the producers to come with various innovations that not only reduce cost but all turn out to be more efficient in storage and utilisation. Introduction of artificial intelligence and automation are also a recent trend in the industry.

Some of the other recent developments in packaging for agriculture and food industry are:

  • Active Packaging

It basically refers to the packaging done keeping in mind the active consumer demand for recyclable, biodegradable and nature-friendly product packaging. Thus giving rise to development of materials having lesser environmental effect and more degradable capabilities.

  • Intelligent Packaging

This involves making the Agriculture packaging in such a manner that it is actively associated with either the food or the surroundings, all intended to improve and enhance the food quality, safety and consumer experience. This further involves utilisation of technology such as temperature monitors, ripeness indicators and other such regulators and indicators to constantly monitor the food quality. It basically revolves around the capability to monitor and control to an extent both internal as well external factors affecting the product.

  • Bioactive Packaging

Bioactive packaging is a novel technology that aims at altering food packaging in such a manner that it would have a positive effect on the consumer’s health. This involves introduction of materials exhibiting enzyme activity. Due to the growing health consciousness, this trend is common in food products such as lactose free foods, vegan diets, phytochemicals, vitamins, etc.

  • Involvement in Supply Chain

This involvement is seen at the time of packaging which is done keeping in mind the supply chain as well as the transportation that may be incurred till the final delivery to the consumer. Therefore, if there are long chains of transportation involved, maximum effort is made at choosing sturdy materials for packaging that save it not only from getting damaged in the course of travel but also keep it safe internally from being spoilt due to any external factor that it may come in contact with before reaching the consumer.

  • Modern Legislations and food Safety Concerns

With the growing consumer consciousness as well as the increasing competition in the market, the producers may at times take support of various practices that may in turn land up having some harmful effects. Therefore, in the past few years the legislators have also tightened the noose on the food and agriculture industry. They have started to make more specific legislations laying down the basic quality standards for everything. Right from the minimum layers of packaging to the type of ingredients used, the legislators have minimum and maximum scale so as to ensure that fair practices are carried out in the market.

  • Informative Packaging

Since it is the food industry, it has been a mandated practice that each unit packaged has to have the detailed information on factors like its ingredients, its producing unit, MRP, the authority approval, manufacturing and expiry dates, etc.

This practice id followed so that the consumers can make an informed choice just by looking at the packaging before actually putting it to use.

With all these growing sectors and profiles in food industry, there are many trends that may see developmentsin the packaging industry as well for these sectors in terms of technology and utilisation to meet up the constant changing needs of the modern day consumer. You can list your products on and get connected to everyone.

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