Prada flame sandals: what you need to know about fashionistas’ latest obsession


Prada flame sandals are the latest fashion obsession. Our Instagram feed has been invaded in the latest weeks by celebrities and influencers’ posts where they wear these amazing shoes at glamorous parties and at super cool front rows. But you know what? These shoes are actually archive pieces. Do you want to know the story behind these iconic Prada shoes? Stay tuned!


Prada flame sandals are Chiara Ferragni and Kendall Jenner’s fave shoes

You should know very well how our dearest Chiara Ferragni is obsessed by Prada and by shoes. That’s why she couldn’t help but fell deeply in love with Prada flame sandals, that she wore in New York while she was filming her documentary (curious about her Atsuko Kudo look? You can find more details here). But Chiara she’s not the only victim of this Prada madness: Kendall Jenner, as well, unveiled her newest addiction at Kylie’s 21st birthday party. Chiara vs. Kendall, green against orange: which style do you prefer?


Chiara Ferragni with Prada flame shoes
Kendall Jenner with Prada flame shoes

Miuccia Prada created Prada flame sandals for s/s 2012 collection 

As said, we’re talking about a true icon for Prada. Where did you see these shoes for the first time? We give you a little help: Miuccia Prada designed them for the spring-summer 2012 collection, inspired by the Fifties, USA atmospheres and automotive.

Prada Spring-Summer 2012
Prada Spring-Summer 2012

Prada flame sandals alive and kicking: f/w 2018 come back

If you already fell in love with these shoes in the past, you must have noticed them at Prada fall-winter 2018 fashion show, displayed during Milan fashion week last February. Many Prada icons were used as a reference in this collection, and some of them were also celebrated with beautiful neon installations. Flame sandals’ one was our favourite! Since then, we started seeing Prada flame shoes everywhere, both archive pieces and new ones.


Neon installations at Prada Fall-Winter 2018
Prada Fall-Winter 2018
Prada flame shoes at New York Fashion Week
Vintage Prada flame heels on the streets of Düsseldorf

Prada flame sandals are starring in the new fall-winter 2018 advertising campaign of the Italian brand, shot by Willy Van Der Perre. If in 2012 red was the leading colour of the collection, in 2018 these shoes are rocking all neon shades, from fuchsia to orange, yellow and green. Neon tones, actually, are trending in these weeks!




During fashion weeks, Prada flame sandals invaded our Instagram feed. We saw them at the feet of our fave fashion influencer, especially outside the venue of Prada spring-summer 2019 fashion show.





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