Pokémon’s saddest creature, Mimikyu, finally gets its due

Every time some very kind person mistakenly compliments the cute, anxious-looking Mimikyu tattooed on my forearm for Pikachu, I become giddy because I get to talk about Pokémon’s best.

Now, after trailing in Pikachu’s shadow for too long, The Pokémon Company is talking about him, too. The company’s social media team is dedicating the entire month of October to celebrate Mimikyu, who first made its debut in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon in November 2016. The company tweeted its plans to pay homage to “this lonely, terrifying Pokémon — who really just wants to snuggle” all month long, but didn’t suggest what that entails. There could be some cool Mimikyu-related swag (perhaps a new plushie?) or maybe there’s nothing at all beyond a series…

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