Overtime being paid as regular hours, boss says it’s always been like that

Recently starting working for this small retail franchise that pays in handwritten checks with no check stubs. Checks come in a envelope with a little table that says how much I gave in social security and income tax. I knew they were a little sketchy when they gave me cash for my training (at minimum wage) and didn’t even use my w-4 until a month after I started working there.

Now I also noticed last paycheck when I started doing 45 hours a week that they calculate my net pay (which is biweekly) by just multiplying by my wage. So 10 hours of overtime were still payed out at 8.25. I asked the owner about this but he just says this is how everyone gets paid, and when I asked around I found out it was true. Nobody is happy with it but nobody knows who to contact. Is there anything I can do to get paid correctly? The job is a really good job and I dont want to have to find a new job.

How illegal is this? Can I do anything to get my wages payed correctly and to ensure they will be paid correctly in the future? This is in Texas.

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