Overcharged for credit card purchase – merchant faked my signature on receipt.

Hello! I have a dispute with my bank (BOA) that I have not been able to resolve.

About 3 months ago I spent $6 at an ice cream truck. When I check my statement a couple weeks later I had been charged $60. I contacted BOA, explained the situation, and they stated they would temporarily reimburse me the $54 difference and open an investigation. I thought it would get resolved here but boy was I wrong.

They responded a few weeks later saying that my dispute had been rejected because the merchant provided a signed receipt – I never signed anything!! The only thing I can conclude is that merchant knowingly forged my signature. BOA sent me a photocopy of the receipt they received from the merchant and it is clearly not mine. I called again and requested that they pull up photos of my other signed receipts for comparison – my signature is quite consistent and the signature provided by the ice cream merchant looks nothing alike. They stated that they could not help me further.

Do I have any recourse? I’ve never heard of something like this happening and haven’t been able to find much info online. It’s obviously not worth me hiring anyone to help but I just feel that I’ve been wronged. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!

tl;dr I was overcharged by ice cream truck, disputed the charge, merchant forged my signature on receipt, Bank of America sided with merchant.

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