Ordered something online, UPS delivered to wrong address, package was refused, company wont refund me even though it wasn’t my fault and it’s being returned within their time frame of allowing returns. Can I refute the charge on my card?

I live in the US, ordered a moderately expensive item from a company in China and it was delivered to the wrong address and refused. After talking to UPS they said it was the company’s fault because they put the address on the label weird and UPS cant do anything about turning the package back around and getting it to me.

I have contacted the company multiple times and they haven’t done anything but tell me to contact UPS and have ignored my requests for a refund. Can I just refute the charge on my credit card and get my refund that way since I will have never actually gotten the product?

Edit: Dispute

Edit 2: MY FIRST GOLD! This got a lot bigger than I thought it would. I really appreciate everyone’s responses and similar experiences you have had. Thank you!

Edit 3: What I mean by the retailer putting the address weird on the label is they deemed our address insufficient (even though it was our full street/state/zip address) and sent it to a random PO box I have never heard of.

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