Oh, That Kinsey

In September, I moved to Santa Barbara, living in a converted
garage downtown. Exploring my new neighborhood, I began encountering the same
peculiar question in line at the grocery store, at yoga, at the park: “Kinsey — like
Kinsey Millhone?” Assuming this “Kinsey” was an obscure celebrity, I’d offer
the nod-and-smile one does at the mention of an obscure celebrity. Yet, I
continued to hear her name each time I mentioned mine. Who was Kinsey Millhone,
and why did everyone in this town seem to know her?

into a little free library yesterday, Sue Grafton’s E is for Evidence peered back at me; it was time for Kinsey and me
to meet.

in reading, I was as shocked as Kinsey when she receives a knock on her door.
It was an ex-husband — Daniel Wade — meaning Kinsey, at one point in time, had my exact name.

I’m sure
many in the Santa Barbara community feel a personal connection with Kinsey and,
by extension, the beloved author Sue Grafton. I am happy to be joining this fan
base, but with possibly a closer link.

More than
sharing the same name, Kinsey and I are the same height and weight to the exact
number. We live in a converted one-car garage downtown; we’re often found
running our three miles along Shoreline, and we (all too often) eat peanut
butter and crackers for dinner.

I have yet
to crack cases, solve murders, and rustle with trouble, but who knows, I only
just moved here.

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