Now I understand how wasteful I’ve been…

I never understood why I couldn’t save money, and I always seemed to be in credit card debt.

Now I know! I’ve been spending WAY too much money eating out and buying clothes. Last year, I lived in the house alone for 6 months, while my parents went on an extended vacation. When they came back, they were surprised that most of the food in the freezer was still there! I was too lazy to cook, and decided to go out for pho or pizza instead. This really adds up when you’re doing it 3 or 4 times a week.

This year, I have made a point of eating everything in the freezer before I even go grocery shopping. And there is a time and place for grocery shopping. I can’t be making mini-trips to the market everytime I want to cook a new recipe. This was really adding up.

Also, I have now learned to preserve things I like. When I got back from my vacation in the Philippines, I threw out my year old vans shoes, even though I could have just washed them and made them new again. And you guessed it, I went out and spent $80 on new ones.

Just this week, the zipper on my jeans broke. The me of one year ago would have used this as an excuse to go out and buy new jeans. But not today! I took them to a tailor and she said she can replace the zipper for $20. I’m also thinking of taking my favourite sweatshirt to her to see if she can sew up the hole in it. Not everything is an excuse to go out and shop. If you do this, you’ll be poor forever.

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