Battery-powered plane crashes in Norway as country tries to ditch fossil fuels

The Alpha Electro G2 plane entered testing last year. | Image: Avinor

An all-electric battery-powered plane has crashed into a lake in Norway, in what is a setback for the country’s attempt to move away from fossil fuel-powered flight. Reuters reports that the Alpha Electro G2 plane is owned and operated by Avinor, Norway’s state-run airport operator, and was being flown by its chief executive, Dag Falk-Petersen, when it crashed. On the day of the incident, the CEO was in the process of giving flights to members of the Norwegian government, and junior government minister Aase Marthe Horrigmo was on board at the time. Both escaped from the crash unharmed.

The incident is a blow to Norway’s flight electrification plans. In an interview last year, Falk-Petersen had said that he hoped to start passenger…

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