No matter how desperate you are, ALWAYS be weary of third parties on freelancing apps.

Tl;DR at the bottom.

About a week ago, I almost got scammed.

So as a side gig I use Wag!/Rover, which are two apps for dog walking and sitting. Rover typically takes a chunk of the payment, so I tend to use it to find contacts and I do business with them outside of the app.

I was talking to a customer, wanted to pay me $300 a week to dog sit. He says he’s having trouble with with venmo, so can he mail me a check? Sure, mail me a cashier’s check and that’ll be fine. A couple days later I ask if he sent the check. Whoops, I guess he sent it to the wrong address.

Heres where everything goes south. Because he sent the check to the wrong address, his financial clerk wants “more information” to give me the money directly. First red flag: why couldn’t he just mail a second check? Second red flag: this information would likely be my account number and routing number, which means that he could probably make a charge to my checking account.

At this point I go and look at his rover profile. Surprise! It’s been reported for suspicious activity. I send him a text, say the only payment I’ll accept is cash on hand when I meet him and the dog.

I havent heard a word since.

These people are out there trying to take advantage of people who really need the money. They offer a large amount of money to get you hooked, and try to distract you with excuses and lies. Make sure you NEVER give your account information you dont know. And no matter how much you like the person or they seem trustworthy, they’re still an unknown. Caution can save you thousands of dollars. Be careful out there.

TL;DR: When using freelancing apps, be careful of people offering large amounts of money but need extra information. Never give your bank account info to anyone you dont know.

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