My PayPal was hacked and they took the hackers side.

Last night my PayPal was hacked, then drained my account with pizza orders and gift cards amounting to just under £500.

I immediately changed my password, removed my cards and all details as soon as I discovered this, about 20 minutes after the first transaction. Then opened a dispute thinking this should be easy to get resolved. The guy put his name and address on the pizza order, it’s obvious I wasn’t me.

I was wrong, after my dispute PayPal came back to me after “looking in to it” to tell me there was no unauthorised purchases. How?! I have his name and address, it is literally black and white.

What can I do?

Edit: I phoned PayPal, instead of using there online dispute, they explained that they don’t know why it was declined hut a full refund has been issued.

All passwords to everything have been changed, the only account that shared my password with PayPal was epic games, what a fool.

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