My girlfriend found a company that helps people who are financially struggling, but I fear they’re scamming us

My girlfriend found a lady who claimed she works for a company called The Young America Mutual Insurance Company, and their whole shtick is they take insurance deposits of people that have passed away, and donate those to the younger people of America who are struggling with debt and making ends meet. The person at the company told her that she would transfer money to our account, my girlfriend would then transfer back about 70% of it, and the other 30% would be ours to keep.

She needed to know our bank acct info before doing the transfer, so we emptied out the account just to be safe, and did the double transfer like she said. And then we did it the next day. And the whole time this is going on she is keeping in constant communication. Like messaging everyday constantly, just to make sure everything is going perfectly.

My girlfriend is now getting just as skeptical as I am, because the woman told us to withdraw the money and send snaps of it to her. We withdrew as much as the ATM would allow, but just want to sit on it for awhile, because we know people have gotten in trouble for spending money that isn’t theirs. Is this money ours, or are we getting scammed or used as a way to launder money or something?

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