My dad didn’t pay taxes for 10 years and hid it. Now my mom is left trying to put the pieces together.

Hi everyone, I need some advice. I’ve lurked this sub for years and learned so much from this group. This is a throwaway account b/c I’m paranoid.

I found out yesterday (US Mother’s Day) that my dad has not paid federal income taxes in at least 10 years. The IRS letters were being sent to his business PO Box and he stashed them away in his office the entire time.

Now my dad is struggling with health issues. He can’t drive, can barely walk and will be scheduled for major surgery as soon as he is well enough to undergo the procedure. He’s of nearly no help. He can’t remember breakfast most days and seems to honestly think this is no big deal.

The latest IRS letter that my mom intercepted b/c she is the one checking the PO box now says the IRS will start to seize (levy) assets as soon as June 2019.

She is waiting on a tax pro to call her back. She has been calling since Wednesday is doubting they really want to help.

The business he ran was in a highly regulated industry with its own set of challenges. Untangling the business records (for me and my mom) will be nearly impossible. From a look into his QuickBooks, it appears he quit logging expenses and only created invoices and recorded payments.

What do we do?

All serious advice is welcome.

Edit: Thank you all so much! The support and advice help beyond measure. We’ve got an appointment with a tax attorney Wednesday morning. I’ll check back in as the situation progresses.

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