My CPA told me TODAY he hasn’t filed my taxes and I owe 13k to the IRS. They filed an exstention on my behalf without notifying me. Where do I go from here?

I am an independent contractor. This is only my second year filing as one. But first year not having some sort of taxes with held from a W2 job.

I made $38k in 2018. I did not pay quarterly because my checks were coming in too slow so I didn’t have the money to pay until January. Which is when I went to my CPA with everything I had, 1099s, expenses, per diem and all the states I worked in. That is when I found out my CPA is out sick and will not be returning to work any time soon. I got a assigned a new CPA in the same office. He told me I should owe about 6k and that he would do up all the paper work and contact me with the final number.

I’ve been calling the office to get an update every two weeks or so since January and every time they either don’t call back or say I need to give them more info. I’ve given them everything they have asked for promptly. Today I called and finally got the accountant on the phone and he said they filled an extension on my behalf. I asked if that would cause me to pay fees and interest. He said “no only if you owe them money, you are getting a refund”. I reminded him I owe money. He was like “oh yeah you owe 13k. Good thing we filled this exstention or you. We saved you money becuase you would owe more for not paying” I asked him at least 6 times why I wasnt notified about any of this and he finally said “we don’t need your permission to file an extension.” When I asked him what to do now, he said “well I’m not really concerned with filing for the states any more.” (I worked in 20 different states). And he told me I should pay something like $6,010 today since that’s what I think I owe. (That’s actually what the last accountant told me I would owe). He said “add the $10 so it doesn’t look like we picked the number from random.”

To make things 110% more interesting this office supposedly filed exstentions for every single one of their clients and did zero peoples taxes. AND the CPA is on vacation starting tomorrow! So he “can’t deal with this” until after easter.

What do I do? I’m so upset and confused. I don’t know anything about taxes. I’m just starting out and hired this CPA trusting that they would make sure I file everything and pay the correct amount. I also don’t see how I actually owe 35% of my income. My boyfriend is going through all of the same shit with this guy. He made 50k in 2018 and they guy said he owes 10k. Please, any information helps.

location: CPA is in Orlando. In 2018 I was based in Orlando but moved to Nashville this week.

Edit: I’m sorry if I don’t reply to comments. I keep getting the “something went wrong” thing when trying to reply.

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