My bank has not yet deducted my rent payment from my account. It has been nearly 2 weeks and my apartment complex says they’ve been paid in full.

Hello. So every month I move around $1,000 into my account and pay my rent using my apartment complex’s online portal. I pay directly from the account and my understanding is that this is treated as a digital check. The apartment complex accepts payment immediately and clears my balance, and the bank itself typically takes 3 days to deduct that payment from the account.

This past month, the bank just didn’t take the money out. It’s still sitting in the account I used to pay. The apartment complex confirms that I’m paid in full, and I paid a bit early last month so it’s been nearly 2 weeks now since I’ve paid.

I can’t imagine the bank would make this kind of mistake (it’s one of the bigger banks in the US), but they’ve never taken anywhere near this long to collect the money after my payments.

Guess I’m just wondering if this is something I should be concerned about. I plan on leaving the money in there until the end of the month at minimum just to cover myself in case they deduct it. But if they don’t, am I clear to assume that it’s still ‘my’ money or do I have anything to worry about?

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